Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seattle Marathon 2010 - Some Miles Longer Than Others

I ran and completed today's Seattle Marathon in a time of 3:29:06 (7:59 min/mi pace, official) -- a little slower than last year, but on this day, over this course, the best 26.2 consecutive miles I was able to put together.

The thing I want to remember from this race is my level of effort over the last several miles, during which I determined I would just forget everything and run as hard as possible even though I was achy, weary, and not obsessed with any particular goal. These miles are well captured -- or not -- in these graphics from the runpix people:

On the one hand, I passed more than passed me by an almost perfect 3:1 ratio, so this suggests I was making good time. On the other hand, the time was the time, the distance was the distance, and it turns out I was crawling along at a 9+ min/mi pace, which is a leisurely, almost-but-not-quite running speed under normal circumstances.

Lesson re-learned -- that perceptions tend to warp, and should be taken at a steep discount, during those last long miles of a marathon.

I've noted before that marathons are difficult, and today was difficult. The event's tight organization and generous volunteers made it as easy as such a thing could be. I thank all the volunteers and congratulate all my fellow finishers.

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