Thursday, November 4, 2010

These Things Do Not Go Together

I note the following as a service to all seven of my readers, those reading today and those reading it as a form of punishment in the e-prisons of the future. Should you decide to be born to American parents in early November, don't take an interest in politics and hew to a left-liberal viewpoint. It makes for fucking depressing birthdays year after year, with only enough exceptions thrown in to keep enough hope alive enough to be painfully crushed.

To summarize, do not combine the following:

  1. Get born in early November.
  2. Be an American.
  3. Hold left-liberal political convictions.
  4. Keep an interest in politics.
As a politically-minded American writing this on my birthday, and as someone whose mental transcripts Glenn Greenwald uncannily gathers, edits, and expresses, I speak from direct experience.


Sean G said...

Hilarious! I take it a happy birthday is in order.

And I will take some comfort from this blog... knowing that in the future, my posts also may serve as punishment. Presumably due to another of Kevin Mannix's mandatory minimum sentencing bills that passed with an inexplicably lopsided majority.

Dale said...

Sigh. For this and all elections, you had me at "Mannix." He sponsored it, or co-sponsored it, or endorsed it, or signed on to an argument for it in the voter guide, or was somewhere within fifty miles of it ... I vote NO. It makes it easy.

Don't even get me started on Sizemore.

As I said, sigh.

Radi said...

Tell me about it - early November birthdays are hell for American left-liberal-progressives! And this time for me was even worse, because we got the results (well, most of them) on my birthday. Poor me.

Oh, and happy birthday, even if it is belated! Keep writing, because I do enjoy your blog, even if this is the first time I've commented.

Dale said...

Radi - Mine is 11/4, so I was in the afterglow of this year's disaster when the birthday got going. Nice.

Thanks for reading. Rest assured I will keep adding posts to this precious, precious blog according to the ebb and flow of mood swings and time constraints.

Laura said...

A very happy belated birthday Dale! I hope you managed to find something to enjoy on your special day.

Dave said...

Amen! I turned 21 on election day 1992, when Clinton was elected. No one wanted to go out drinking with me because they all wanted to watch election results.

Paul Sunstone said...

Maybe you only have seven readers, Dale, but at least your seven have absolutely excellent taste in bloggers -- if I do say so myself.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes!

Dale said...

@Dave, Reagan was elected on one my birthdays. I was just old enough to be aware enough to hate it.

@Laura, @Paul, thanks!

Domestically Challenged said...

Happy belated birthday! At least WE stayed BLUE.... that's gotta count for something.

Dale said...

@DC, well, yes, it's something. It's not much, but it's something.