Monday, November 1, 2010

With Elvira's Invitation

I don't know what we were thinking -- we the members of Homo sapiens walking the earth at the time this advertisement was produced. I can't help feeling somehow responsible for it.

Most obviously, we should have seen that any above-average eighth grader could have crapped a better way to cut through paper-based CASE methods than whatever LBMS was trying to sell here.

I say that without any clear idea of what a paper-based CASE method is or was, or why its paper form should be cut through, or what LBMS did or tried to do in the marketplace (if there was, indeed, a marketplace). For all this I feel supremely confident in my assertions concerning LBMS's likely contributions to the cutting through and the paper-based CASE methods and such.

Also: Elvira? What was that ever about? I report with no slight shame that when asked this past Saturday, I was able to identify a grocery clerk's costume as that of Elvira -- it just takes some black clothes, too much facial makeup, showy boobs, and eureka! Elvira is invoked, for whatever good it ever did anyone.

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