Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Merry Xmas to me, says the washing machine -- yes, that is the shirt I got for running the Seattle Marathon only a few weeks ago, now featuring a nasty tear in its side. And yes, that's my Oregon-pasty hand flesh showing within.

Truly summer's lease hath too short a date, for this was the unspeakable horror I beheld upon removing the shirt from the machine for only the second time in its brief life of service.

To say that I liked this shirt would be a gross understatement: it has long sleeves for this chilly season, it is made by people (Saucony) who do running clothes very well, it is not white, it commemorates a running event I did. That's pretty much all it takes for a garment to gain my affections; I'm kind of a cheap date when it comes to running shirts.

Now I fear the washing machine. I'll be doing a lot of hand-washing from this point forward.

Like all holiday stories, this one ends happily -- I have already contacted the good people at the Seattle Marathon and they're sending me a replacement for a small fee to cover the expense of shipping.


Sean G said...

Glad to hear they're replacing it Dale, that is very nice of them. I've never had an item of clothing ruined by a washing machine, what a strange thing to happen!

And somewhere I still have my tshirt from my first Providence Bridge Pedal in 1998... so I know how nice those participation-recognition shirts can be.

Dale said...

It's weird, isn't it? Our old dryer used to chew up clothes now and then, but this is the first time I've seen the washer kill any clothes. And it had to be this particular garment??