Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pro-Choice Left-Libertarian Gay Marriages: Communism, Atheism, and Free Love

Tulsa's annual "Holiday Parade of Lights" has lost the favor of Senator Inhofe and taught us all a valuable lesson:
I did not [participate in the parade] last year because I’m not going to ride in a Christmas parade that doesn’t recognize Christmas,” he said. “I am hopeful that the good people of Tulsa and the city’s leadership will demand a correction to this shameful attempt to take Christ, the true reason for our celebration, out of the parade’s title. Until the parade is again named the Christmas Parade of Lights, I will not participate.
The lesson? It's easy to create an event free of colossal assholes -- just give it a name that acknowledges the multiplicity of holidays during this time of year, or to apply the lesson more broadly, just name things in a way that acknowledges the existence of people, places, ideas, and things that hidebound yahoos don't like. (See title of present post).

Not that Inhofe doesn't have a point -- a really insipid one, as is his wont. He has reiterated the whiny plaint that Christmas is all about the Jesus, and has lately been sullied by consumerism and calendar-crowding by cryptic, unholy observances of mysterious, disreputable Others.

I hate to be the 15,001th to break it to Senator Inhofe and his ilk, but I don't hate it very much, so here goes: Christmas has been an ecumenical (if not outright secular), loud, garish, consumerism-driven cluster of year-end rituals for several decades. I remember a lot of things, but even in my advanced dotage, I don't remember a Christmas that was anything other than a time of year when kids beseech parents for toys, tales of Santa Claus are thrown about, creepy television specials are broadcast, and retailers grow increasingly desperate-sounding in their sales pitches.

Almost none of it has anything to do with the Jesus, unless Jesus taught relying on a strong December to reach one's annual sales goals. Maybe that's somewhere in the back pages of Luke?

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Sean G said...

Sounds like Sen. Inhofe really enjoyed his viewing of Stephen Baldwin's Alaska movie.