Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Speak, Borat Algorithm

I usually don't go for Spam -- neither the meat-ish variety nor the internets variety -- but sometimes the blogger spam filter nets something worth treasuring. I quote verbatim a comment recently received on -- well, it doesn't matter which post:
"I imagine this may well be various upon the subject material.!. nevertheless I still believe that it would be suitable for practically any sort of content material, since it might usually be pleasurable to determine a warm and pleasant face or maybe hear a voice when 1st landing."

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Maybe it's just dada poured out of a mindless algorithm, but I say it really comes alive when repeated in the voice and character of Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat Sagdiyev. Granted, it's not exactly something he'd say -- his website would not be "Kids Jacket" but something X-rated, and the "when 1st landing" part would have to be something about a "love explosion" -- but of course, it's not exactly something anyone would really say.

In short, I join the spam algorithm in imagining this may well be various upon the subject material.


Sheldon said...

Ah shucks Dale, you linked to me, I am flattered, and I am not even link ready!

Dale said...

Sure you're link-ready!