Friday, December 3, 2010

This Banana Republic

The top 1% receive 23.5% of all earnings, which is more than the bottom 50% receive. The top 1/10th of 1% receive 12 percent of all earnings. This is a disgrace.

Senator Sanders:


Sean G said...

If only we could have 99 more Bernie Sanders in the Senate.

A recent Duke study showed that most Americans felt the top 20% controlled 60% of the wealth, where in reality they control about 85%... the respondents also said the top 20% should only control 32%.

I wonder why it is that we're so eager to cripple our social safety net and impoverish ourselves because of some dream that an increasingly shrinking number of us can "make it."

Paul Sunstone said...

"They fund the campaigns, they should get what's due them." So think a lot of the uber-rich. And I suspect that now the caps are off what they can give campaigns, they will soon enough own the state and Federal governments, if they don't already.