Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday (Dying of) Miscellany Blogging

I bullet these items because I can:
  • Maybe you've been yearning for a single repository on the internets containing photographs of women alone laughing with salad. Let's face facts --- you probably are yearning for exactly that. Huzzah! 
  • Amy Winehouse is a performing artist, and they take chances, so let's not get too critical of her first try at the show-me-your-boobs / gaudy necklace / balcony tradition of Mardi Gras. She got all the elements in place, but failed to assemble them in the usual way -- call it a remix. If you don't emerge sadder and wiser from a viewing of the awkward photographs of the moment, please try again later. Repeat as necessary.
  • Speaking of miscellany, here's Ralph Waldo Emerson as quoted in the January 2011 Harper's (subscription needed):
    I find no good lives. I would live well. I seem to be free to do so, yet I think with very little respect of my way of living; it is weak, partial, & not progressive. But I do not see any other that suits me better ... We are all dying of miscellany.
If you're suffering from miscellany (or anything else), remember: there is a place on the internets where you can look at a vast repository of photographs of women alone laughing with salad, and if that doesn't raise your spirits more than it contributes to the sprawl of miscellany, enjoy this video of drunks placing orders.

(via Portland Mercury, mostly)


solarjinx said...

Oh Amy, Amy, Amy.. As if that picture of her wasn't awful enough, I highly encourage you to read some of the comments written below. People really do make me laugh sometimes! Speaking of which, that Elmo video had me chuckling, thanks for sharing it.

Sheldon said...

I think we have stumbled on the secret to what really makes women happy! Forget the diamonds, its SALAD!!!!

Dale said...

I now laugh when alone in the presence of salad. That's the power of these images.