Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Which the Reader Is Invited to Feel My Pain

Take a song, any song. No, scratch that -- take a song that, for idiosyncratic reasons, carries deep personal significance for you. Maybe it's a song you consider to be among the better songs of one of your favorite performers -- one of the first selections you make when recommending the performer's music, say. Or maybe it's a song whose lyrics speak to you in a particular way; or one that includes a performance on a musical instrument that puts you in awe; or maybe it's a song that you don't enjoy on its merits but that serves, flaws and all, as the soundtrack of a specific set of cherished recollections.

Take the title of that song and imagine it re-purposed for something so monstrous, ugly, and foul that it threatens to undo your connection to the song, if not to abandon the very idea of music.

In other words, imagine, in my case, Stereolab's "Baby Lulu" (lyrics) and then imagine it now buried beneath this unspeakable mountain of shit:

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The Duchess of Cookies said...

I will now have nightmares.