Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Mentionables Blogging

I offer a list of mentionables:

  • Sam Harris replies to criticisms of The Moral Landscape, chiefly to those made by Russell Blackford. I believe they have entered the talking-in-circles stage of the dispute over these matters.
  • It is wrong to laugh at this story from The Onion:

    Autistic Reporter Covers Gathering Of Crying People
  • Today I took delivery of the Married to the Sea book, which completely transforms the Married to the Sea experience in that the comics appear on paper rather than on a computer monitor. Yes! It comes with an index and, allegedly, twenty new comics never seen on monitors.
  • For the sake of Frank Kermode and Simon Mayo, I note that the google ngram tool establishes that the predominant English spelling of dilemma has been dilemma, not dilemna, for at least 500 years, notwithstanding minor surges in the use of dilemna in the 18th century. The chart shows it:
  • For Frank Kermode's sake, I add that Inception was not the best film of 2010 or any other year in memory; that making a film with a challenging-to-follow story is not the same as making a film that laudably appeals to the intelligence of viewers -- if that's all it took, then Terminator IV colon Salvation and the last two or three Matrix films would count as "smart" films, instead of what they are, thoroughly confused narratives with a couple of Big Ideas tossed in; and that Christopher Nolan's directorial and creative work in The Dark Knight was better than his work in Inception because Inception didn't make any fucking sense within the terms of its own fictional world. My previous treatments of Inception can be found here and here; and of The Dark Knight here and here for readers enraptured by what I've written here.
And so it came to pass.

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