Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disney Worth Watching

Right, OK. Blah blah had the meme first something something poseur something hipster something. I say the important truth to convey and appreciate here is that these reimagined Disney characters are hot.

I think there are two representations of Cinderella here, along with a Snow White. Yes, I'm quite sure the one in the center is Snow White, with possible Cinderellas immediately above and below. The one in the upper right is, I think, Ariel from that mermaid movie, but I wouldn't swear to it. The one in the lower right seems to be the girl from that production with all the goddamn singing cups and saucers.

The others look vaguely familiar as screechy and/or whiny cartoon characters that have annnoyed me, if only over the course of interminable movie trailers preceding a movie I paid to see, but I am not the one to match names since I go to considerable effort to avoid Disney movies. I'm just saying maybe I wouldn't try so hard to avoid them if they put a few of the female characters in eyeglasses and gave them a world-weary edginess. And if, long before the first drawings, they took an axe to the the first storyboard with a singing dish.

But then they wouldn't be Disney movies, now would they?


The Duchess of Cookies said...


Really, I would expect MORE from one who graduated from the Rebel Ivy School you attended. I'm not sure which is lacking more, their feminist studies dept or Film appreciation...

However, since you don't have daughters I shall have to enlighten you and preferably you will act like you care...


Jane (from Tarzan and Jane) - Cindi (the one and only) - Ariel - Tiana (princess & frog) - Snow - Ezmerelda (Hunchback) - Sleeping Beauty (aka Briar Rose, aka Aurora)- ALICE (of Wonderland) - Megara (Hercules... no clue who she is, I had to Google) - Jasmine (Aladdin) - Belle (of the dancing and singing tea cups)

Now I must go post a pic of myself with those glasses... I always knew I was a Hipster Princess.

Dale said...

DC, I stand chastened and corrected.

As for posting the pic of yourself with glasses, well, OK. I will try to react appropriately if you do. Whatever the hell that means.


The Duchess of Cookies said...

Sorry, Dale. I guess the glasses comment makes no sense... there's a personal story behind it, and the princess pic plays right into it. I just forgot to consider you wouldn't know of it. *sheepish grin*