Monday, February 28, 2011

The Evils Men and Women Do

If you think the intentional infliction of suffering is the epitome of evil, maybe it's only because you haven't properly considered the intentional infliction of pleasure. Ronald Conte explains:

The love of God and neighbor requires that each and every sexual act be marital, unitive, and procreative. When a sexual act is non-marital or non-unitive or non-procreative, then the act has a deprivation in its moral object, making the object evil and the act intrinsically evil.

An unnatural sexual act is intrinsically evil because this type of act is not procreative; it is inherently ordered toward the procreative meaning intended by God for each and every sexual act. Unnatural sexual acts are also not truly unitive (even if there is a type of mere physical union) because this is not the type of union intended by God for marriage. So even when the two persons committing the unnatural sexual acts are married to each other, the procreative and unitive meanings are absent, making such acts intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral.
Lest you take away the crazy idea that these moral assessments apply only to the married, watch out, unmarried!
All non-marital sexual acts are intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral. All non-unitive sexual acts are intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral. All non-procreative sexual acts are intrinsically evil and always gravely immoral.
Be sure to keep that in mind the next time we receive news that someone is, say, being killed with stones for adultery -- maybe that's harsh, but remember, adultery and other non-unitive, non-procreative, non-whatever sexual acts are gravely immoral, intrinsically evil deeds.

Watch what you do with your tongue, hands, or, gawd forbid, both. Profound evil lurks there.

(via Ophelia Benson)


Adam said...

Reading the title too quickly resulted in my thinking "The Elvis that men and women do? What?" I think that should be your next post.

Dale said...

Adam, I have a rule, and that rule is: Elvis sucks. Except, of course, for certain moments of mockery, so who knows? Maybe.