Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fanconi Anemia Valentines 12K 2011 - Guided by (Unexpected) Wire

The mind goes to unexpected places during a road race, and for me today, during the Valentine Fanconi Anemia 12K, some unexpected musings took my mind off the various aches and pains I was feeling as I came through the finish chute in 54:26 (7:19 min/mi pace, official).

When Neko Case's "Guided by Wire" came flitting across the MP3 shuffle, it called to mind, of all people, my Grandpa Ed, the grandparent of mine who proved the most stubborn in a competitive field of grandparents before finally dying last year.

I say this was an odd turn for my thoughts because I was never terribly close with Grandpa Ed. In my few interactions with him, I realized that a good share of my mom's stubbornness and inner strength came from him, and whatever part of that I inherited helped me salvage an adequate -- merely that -- finish time today.

The lyrics to "Guided by Wire" suggest the fit between the situation and the thoughts, though I was not quite up to cheetah status.

I congratulate my fellow competitors and thank the event's organizers and volunteers. I am especially grateful for the selection of purple for the event's shirts and hoodies --- it's about time someone gave out a purple shirt!

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