Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fastest Faster

The Boston Marathon, that mother of all wicked pissas, just got considerably more wicked:

Officials with the Boston Athletic Association, the event's organizer, on Wednesday unveiled a performance-based registration system beginning with the 2012 race. It will allow runners who qualified by the largest margin to enter first.

In addition, time standards for the 2013 race have been lowered by five minutes.

Runners must attain certain qualifying time standards for their age and gender in order to participate in the event. For 2012, runners who have beaten those standards by 20 minutes or more will be able to sign up when registration opens on Sept. 12. Three days later, those who beat their standards by at least 10 minutes will be allowed to register.
To be clear, "lowered by five minutes" means that a faster finish time is required, not a slower one. For my purposes, that five minutes might as well be an hour.

Oh well, I had a good run. I'll continue to count it as a goal, but realistically it is now at the margins of my ambitions.

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