Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Shamrock 15K - Rain-Slow

The rain was more or less constant during today's Shamrock Run 15K, which I completed in 71 minutes 35 seconds (7:40 min/mile pace, official). In running terms, this was not a standout day for me, but I was pleased with the changes to the course  even though they made the course a little hillier. The positive change was fewer turns in those early congested couple of miles, and that meant less worry over tripping oneself or other runners. I am happy to report I did not fall down, nor cause anyone else to fall down -- not even once.

This has become a huge event -- 30,000 runners divided among 5k, 8k, and 15k events -- and the organizers have done an excellent job keeping up with the titanic logistical challenges of keeping us all in place and safe. I could cavil about the length of the lines for the post-race beer, but really, the problem was more the cold and rain than the lines, and no race organizer controls the elements. (For now.)

As always, I congratulate all my fellow runners for pushing through a tough run on an ugly day, and I thank the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors who made it all possible.

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