Friday, March 11, 2011

Archer - Deliciously Evil

Speaking of stuff on the tee-vee I enjoy, I can't recall (and can't be bothered to check) if I've praised Archer in the annals of this precious, precious blog. Archer is funny in a deliciously evil way -- you laugh most when you know you shouldn't laugh at all, and knowing you shouldn't laugh just makes it funnier -- and while its form of humor sometimes runs to the monotonous, it never fails to please the eyes.

I'd watch it without sound, but it's better with sound, as this concatenation of season two trailers shows well enough:

The image at the top is from, and that's the actual result from entering delicious funny evil into that suddenly-legendary web page. I have no idea what the image has to do with that search string, but I think it's best left mysterious because the actual explanation is almost certainly dull.

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