Friday, March 11, 2011

Assorted Fuck-Yeahings

While my fascination with still has a few minutes left, I have taken the trouble to put some interesting-to-me phrases in, starting with the above. Neat.

This one is interesting, but I think they would have preferred the image to be The Dude:

The entry for Cafe Philos is R-rated; the one for Eli may or may not even make sense (and Rust Belt Philosophy causes it to crash for some reason); what about Zehnkatzen? This looks like his excellent work:

Because I wanted to include Ophelia Benson, Jerry Coyne, PZ Myers, Russell Blackford, Stephen Law, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett but was too lazy to make one for each of them, I did this one instead. I quite like the result:

The formerly correct spelling (i.e., new atheism) yields an interesting result as well, though not as fun.

You'll kick yourself if you don't check Moby Dick, Borat, Slingblade ("French Fried Potaters" wouldn't work), Nerds, and Malleus Malificarum.

Returning, as I always do sooner or later, to navel-gazing, I cannot resist posting this -- I could not have chosen a better image:

If I didn't post one about you, it's not because I don't wuv woo. It's not even because I didn't look at the result of your human name / blog name / screen avatar whatever. It's because the life span of this fascination is seriously winding down and, well, I am lazy.


The Duchess of Cookies said...

Fuck Yeah! Fun!

*shiver* Every time you post that snake guy....

John Carter Wood said...

The Wife and I have been travelling the last week or so, so we missed your sent in our general direction.

The Dude, of course, would have been nice; however, I think that the choice of Richie Tennenbaum evinces a much subtler sense of who we really are....

So, thank you, sir, and a good many 'Fuck Yeahs' right back atcha!