Thursday, March 24, 2011

Atheist Experience Reconsidered

Speaking of stupid, having listened to several more episodes, I now adore The Atheist Experience podcast, and reject and denounce my earlier remarks concerning its practice of accepting calls from listeners.

Oh is it ever fun! It is astonishing how unreasonable and uninformed some of the callers can be, and their lack of knowledge, insight, and non-idiotic arguments does not earn them any pity. Rather, the presenters are unsparing in savaging the senseless things callers say, without crossing the boundaries of reasonable discussion.

A good enough example is from episode #696, when caller "Mark" enters the conversation at minute 39 to convey his worries that the program's presenters are committing blasphemy and are bound for an eternity of torture. Or take this exchange with Caesar -- so very confused, this Caesar -- from the most recent episode.

In short, that mouse has a tiny french horn, and that alone would be enough to refute much of the nonsense that callers bring. Still, it's a edifying delight to hear the presenters of The Atheist Experience handle it with clear, focused reasoning.

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Sheldon said...

Well I listened to the first program linked and became rather annoyed at the hosts speculation about the prehistory of religions, talking like he was referencing some actual data, blabbering about some death ritual for a bear etc., offering some BS theoretical interpretation not based on actual anthro. and arch. knowledge and theory.
There is a pretty decent book out there on the topic.

Then with the caller you reference, I have a somewhat opposite reaction when some Christian tells me I am going to hell. I don't take offense at all and just chuckle and say the whole idea of hell is absurd.

Anyway, I agree, the Atheist Experience is a pretty good show but just thought I would complain a little.