Monday, March 7, 2011

Bullshit's Weak Draw

According to recent polling, decades of continuous whining, caterwauling, and shrieking from conservatives has evidently done little to inspire Americans to embrace their movement's pining for the days when men were kingly, women were self-abnegating helpmeets, gay people were courteously self-loathing, and racial minorities were content to sing, dance, mop, scrub, or kindly remove themselves from sight.  

Instead, acceptance of legal equality in marriage continues to climb, and majorities continue to favor reproductive self-determination, including but not limited to abortion. What about that television ad in which some athlete's mom proudly admitted she hadn't aborted him? What about all the fetus anatomy porn, the heroic example of octomoms everywhere, the brave stand taken by ecclesiastical functionaries to demand women should die so that blastocysts may live?

Granted, a few of the results from the same polling reveal that stupidity, willful ignorance, self-hatred, and garden-variety incoherence remain strong with our nation's people. Still, results such as these, on such endlessly jawboned issues of public concern, are nearly enough to tempt a cynic like me to wonder if there's something to the nostrum that reality bats last. If nothing else -- please pardon the extension of the unpardonable baseball metaphor -- reality appears to connect with the ball solidly and consistently, notwithstanding the dripping spitballs of right-wing rhetoric.

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Mike said...

Dale, I think this is a classic case of preaching to the choir while the congregation leaves the building. Most of the blathering simply fires up - and opens the checkbooks of - the people who already agree with them. They confuse this response with actual success in swaying people. Meanwhile in the real world people are finding they have less time and energy to waste on such things as they just try to make a living.

Unfortunately, the continued enthusiasm of the choir means the preachers won't shut up any time soon.