Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Obama Administration: Like its Predecessors

I hope someone will remind me to re-read this Pro Publica report if I ever suggest the Obama Administration has been, on the whole, anything better than a crashing disgrace:

President Obama yesterday formalized indefinite detention for dozens of men held at Guantanamo Bay and announced that the Pentagon would move ahead with military trials for a handful of other detainees ... Two similar processes to review detainee cases were in place during the Bush administration. Like its predecessors, the Obama administration's review process will operate outside the courts and will be subject to no independent review. Also like the Bush White House, the Obama administration alone will choose all members of the review board and appoint a "personal representative" to advocate on behalf of the detainees. [emphasis mine]
They had me at "like its predecessors."

That said, whatever Mammon's more forceful wing puts forward --- Huckabee-Palin? Skeletor-Vader? Botulism-Arsenic? Brain Cancer-Jagged Knife Wound to the Groin? --- is likely to be worse, so the particular question before us will be an inspiring one, to be sure: which of these two despicable, depraved suitcases full of corporate money in gray suits stands to make things worse faster?

To be clear, I am not even necessarily saying the better choice is bound to be the one that will bring ruin more slowly; there's something to be said for speeding up when you know you're going to hit a wall no matter what.

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