Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On Second Thought ....

The latest edition of The Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast features an interesting topic -- or so I will assert -- "pop cultural second thoughts:"

On this week's show, we explore some of the things about which we have been, in our lives, very very wrong. How wrong? Well, you'll see. Glen was wrong about a high-school drama, Stephen was wrong about a review he hopes you'll never read, Trey was wrong about the classics, and I was wrong about several things, from Friday Night Lights to that book with all the Swedish names in it.
I will give two of these, but I could give more:
  • I was wrong about The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the first two of which passed through theatrical release and had gone to DVD by the time I finally deigned to watch. I had assumed it was a live action production of a Dungeons and Dragons game, which of course it is, but I had failed to appreciate the human drama beneath and behind all the hobbits, elves, dwarves, dragons, trolls, wizards, and orcs.

  • In agreement with one of the podcasters, I was wrong about Radiohead. I recall knowing of Radiohead only from their one radio single at the time, "Creep," which is a good enough song but had become an earwig from sheer radio repetition. So despite all the hype and all the airplay, I walked past The Bends in stores dozens of times -- this was still when there were record stores. At last, I saw it on sale at Tower Records for the then-shockingly low price of $8.99, so probably because I had only $9, I gave in and took it home. I became a committed Radiohead fan roughly a minute into the first song, "Planet Telex," and I have remained so ever since. I even went back and got Pablo Honey, the album that gave us "Creep."

Call it a meme. What are your pop cultural second thoughts?


Anonymous said...

The bends is my favorite album and I love your Bartleby the Scrivener quote.

Dale said...

Chris, agreed and agreed. The Bends is a desert island album, and B the S is a desert island story.