Friday, March 11, 2011

Paula Deen Riding Sad Don Draper

Truly it is a day rich with memes -- with SJKP's entry fresh in mind, I here offer my entry in the Paula Deen Riding Things meme, which I've tastefully appended to my earlier effort to construct a Sad Don Draper from a still from The Road.

It's neither here nor there -- what is these days? -- but Paula Deen seems to be experiencing that moment from The Road in a far lighter spirit than Don Draper is, and for my part, it put me more in Don's state of mind.

On a penultimate note, I had no idea Paula Deen was so small. On a final note, who is Paula Deen? She does one of those cooking shows on the tee-vee, right? Or is she one of those Housewives of [City] people? One of the CSI [City] dramas? Jersey Shore? One of the American Idol judges? New letter turner for Wheel of Fortune?

On a final final note, frivolities aside, The Red Cross is making it easy to donate for the benefit of the disaster in Japan, or for any number of other ongoing disasters.