Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Grotesque Blogging

These are my wisdom teeth, extracted -- it would be more accurate to say wrenched -- from my jaw in 1988. I have kept them as a reminder of oh, say, the frail, ephemeral quality of our bodies, or because it's not clear how best to dispose of cast-off body parts. Maybe it's saying something about consumerism? Modernity? Nationalism?

I had the option of allowing the dentist to cast them into the medical waste on the day of their removal, but that would be only to grant the legitimacy of the convenient, given answer to the question. They grew there in my jaw, as all my other teeth had done before them, and it seems rash, and maybe impertinent or even demeaning, to let some guy with a "D.D.S." on his nameplate to send parts of my body to this place or that. What next? He picks a dumpster for one of my lungs?

I set out with no clear point to make and I am happy to see I have made it. 


Sheldon said...

Interestingly enough Dale, the Incas kept all the nail and hair clippings of a person, or at least the emperor and other royalty, and buried those things with the deceased when the time came.

Now I suspect you fucked up and have already thrown out your nail and hair clippings, but I suppose you could take your extracted teeth with you if you so desire.

I just had a couple of small pieces of my flesh taken out of me to test for skin cancer, maybe I should have requested their return?

cdogzilla said...

I briefly considered keeping my one (impacted) wisdom tooth, but after the experience of having it pulled decided I'd had enough of it. If I'd had it done in the era of smartphones and twitter, I'd probably have been tweeting during the extraction and had a picture of it fresh from my abused jaw online before leaving the office.

Dale said...

Sheldon, you should definitely insist on those scraps. If they have to dig them out of the medical waste, so be it. They're yours!

Srsly, I hope that goes well.

cdogzilla, I believe I've said this before on this blog, but the experience of feeling and hearing the dentist wrench those teeth out of my jaw -- I stayed awake with plenty of localized anesthetic -- ranks among the most singularly amazing experiences of my life.

Eli said...

Yeah, I think my wisdom teeth are still in a small plastic bag at the home of one of my high school friends. I tried to remember to take them home for the sentimental value/medical utility after society collapses, but I forgot. Such is life.