Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bridge to Brews 2011 - No Clouds

Today I ran the Bridge to Brews 10k in 44:14 minutes (7:08 minutes/mile pace, official), a good enough result given that I've been sick with a persistent cold and that I prepared for today's race by putting in a punishing 14-miler yesterday. Neither reader should be too quick to dismiss the suggestion that that is a brag nested inside an excuse.

The rare chance to experience running the top level of Portland's Fremont Bridge, let alone on a blissfully sunny spring day, was alone worth the price of admission, but even if weren't, the Onno t-shirt made of organic cotton and bamboo fabric would more than suffice. This shirt is absurdly soft. If you like t-shirts, or want to like t-shirts, find a way to get one of these bamboo-cotton shirts (yes, I am a tool; no, Onno did not pay me to say any of this).

As is normally the case with Terrapin Events, the race's organization was outstanding, and made possible by the best volunteers we could hope to get for such an occasion. Every step of the way we knew exactly where to go and where not to, and the brief false start with the first wave was, I am sure, the fault of the participants. We had a pleasant elevated-pace stroll down the boulevard for fifty yards or so, but were called back to try again, and no one came to harm.

As always, I congratulate all the runners who joined me, and I appreciate the excellent work and contributions of the volunteers, sponsors -- one especially stands out -- and organizers.

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