Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Colossus of Poles

At the risk of begging the question of why you'd ever think about it, I'll observe that if you think about it, there must be a world's largest Jesus statue. It turns out that it is now under construction in Poland:
Anyone wondering whether modern day Poland is still a fervently Catholic country should head to the Tesco in Swiebodzin, near the German border. There, on the rocky hill opposite the supermarket, is the newest, most audacious religious icon in all of Europe, if not the world: a 33-metre high, rather crudely carved statue of Jesus ...
Note the presence of another begged question -- does anyone actually wonder if Poland remains under the thrall of The Church? I had assumed there's still some lingering enthusiasm for The Church in Poland for at least a few more years, or as long as anyone outside Poland remembers that we had a Polish Pope before the present one took over.

I hesitate to say the enormous and costly statue is a total waste since it's possible that someone could attach a few wind turbines to his mighty arms and derive clean energy from the colossus. Or if not that, it is now firmly established that the people of the area aren't troubled by landscape-dominating eyesores, so it's presumptively fine to go ahead and put up some wind turbines and/or solar collector panels. What I am suggesting is that, somehow, this enormous Polish Jesus is a net gain for renewable power.

It goes to show that some people look at a costly, pointless, hideous blight on the horizon and ask "why?" I do not. I look upon it and imagine a less carbon-emitting Poland.

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