Friday, April 29, 2011

The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them

Though dead and buried, the former pope has moved for some reason:

The pope's coffin was taken out of a crypt under St. Peter's Basilica, the BBC reported. The wooden coffin and a vial of John Paul's blood will be displayed before the high altar in St. Peter's during the beatification Sunday.
Is it too much to ask that no one should drink the blood as part of this beautification process? Maybe.

I convey no irony when I note this was not an honorable man the Vatican is digging up and putting on display --- the evil he did lives after him:
[T]he pope failed, time and again, to take decisive action in response to clear evidence of a criminal underground in the priesthood, a subculture that sexually traumatized tens of thousands of youngsters. Despite a 1984 warning memo from the Rev. Thomas Doyle, then a canon lawyer in the Vatican Embassy in Washington, and a ninety-three-page report on the problem co-written by Doyle in 1985, which was sent to every American bishop, John Paul ordered no outreach to victims, no binding policy to rid the priesthood of deviants.
And on and on:
John Paul’s beatification may give a media boost to the Vatican, but Pope Benedict’s negligence earlier in his career has also done severe damage to the papacy; media coverage last year spotlighted how Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, as Benedict was then known, failed to dismiss several known abusers. How can any pope be a voice for peace, proclaim the sanctity of life and speak for human rights while giving de facto Vatican immunity to bishops and cardinals who concealed child molesters?
The world does not need it, but there shall soon be a patron saint of child rape.

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