Tuesday, April 26, 2011

KO Returns

Love him or hate him or not-sure him, Keith Olbermann will be returning to television on Monday, June 20 on the Current TV channel.

I love KO -- almost always -- and look forward to his return to the chatter box. Dear gawd I hope he doesn't inflict too much James Thurber on us -- try as I might, I'm just not a fan of his writings -- but that's barely a cavil. Watching the new Olbermann show, I expect to mutter to myself that he has taken things a bit too far a few times each week, but speaking as someone who has taken things a bit too far now and then, I cannot call this a genuine worry. The moment will have its way with all of us, but reality is, so to speak, incapable of being either created or destroyed by our tussles over it.

In my judgment KO takes the right view and in the right way far more frequently than not. I am glad to see his return.

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