Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Necanicum

Seaside, Oregon is located at the particular spot where the Necanicum River flows into the Pacific. Small and little known though it is, it is lovely:

Here is the view from the same position, looking over the river westward to the sea:

Laetitia Sadier's "By the Sea" has no apparent connection to Seaside or to the Necanicum River, but things of beauty require no explanation.


Laura said...

Looks like heaven to me.

Dale said...

Laura, I love Seaside and it is a beautiful place, and yet not even in the upper rank of beautiful sites along the Oregon coast.

Also: the photos don't convey the strength of the wind happening when these were taken. It was comical.

uzza said...

Having grown up on the Oregon coast, I consider Seaside an ugly blight to be avoided at all costs. Sure, it's kind of pretty compared to other places, but this is OREGON we're talking about.

Dale said...

uzza, true. By the standards of Oregon and the Oregon coast, Seaside is way down the list. You would have to call it ugly if graded on such a curve.

But having grown up in Okla-fuckin'-homa, I know from ugly scenery. Try driving through that pit -- no, I take that back. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Don't drive through there. Don't go near it. It's not worth it. Instead, join me in my burgeoning movement to wall it off and declare it a gigantic open-air prison, something like what they did with Manhattan in Escape from New York. That movie was awesome. I'll always remember Snake Plitzken and that conniving asshole played by Dennis Weaver, whose name I remember for some reason. Was it Dennis Weaver? Who gives a shit, right? I know Earnest Borgnine was in it, and he was awesome. Thanks for listening.