Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quite a Goal

Amy K. Hall sees the cosmic scales in balance:
Why did God allow evil to come into this world? Why not create everything in the state of perfection we will be in after this world comes to an end? I think the answer is that God had a goal in mind that is greater than the suffering, and that goal is the revealing of Himself to His people so that we will be able to fully express our pleasure in Him through worship, enjoying Him for an eternity. [emphasis mine]
Hall's comment was directed at the scattered bodies above, and also directed at the millions of others who experienced similar degrees of suffering under her god's gaze. It is also directed at those who did not share the same experience but had to endure the realization that their loved ones endured it. To all of those, Hall says: it's fine because my favorite god had a goal.
Likewise, to the person being sawed here, and to the uncounted more who died in comparably agonizing ways, it's fine because Amy K. Hall's god had a goal.

It's interesting how Hall can't be bothered to specify anything positive about this goal beyond asserting that it belongs to her favorite god. She is oddly confident that the prospect of a bunch of people ending up adoring god eternally counterbalances all the pain of the world, in reply to which I can only stand amazed at some people's capacity to overestimate the value of adulation and underestimate the scale of human suffering.

(via Eli Horowitz)

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