Monday, April 4, 2011

Scraping Bottom

In a way, RJ Hoffmann's latest scrape at the barrel makes life easy (quoting Hoffmann via B and W):

As to [PZ] Myers, despite the development of a blasphemy fan club and admiration for the cowardly use of free expression rights in the safe haven of Morris, Minnesota, the only serious “threat” came from Catholic League president Bill Donahue.
The incoherence and pettiness is a marvel in its way, and this doesn't even cover the part where he proposed that Pastor Terry Jones is guilty of murder for having angered Muslim radicals. Jones, a confirmed idiot and known provocateur, burned a copy of the Koran; the Muslims in question killed a dozen UN workers in response. One harmed some paper, the other took the lives of twelve human beings who, by the way, had nothing to do with Jones's stunt. Hoffmann thinks Jones is the culpable party in this situation.

Hoffman has made it easy not so much for the god-drunk fanatics he is coddling but for the rest of us, who can plainly see the quality of his judgment and happily eschew his support.

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