Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Urgency of Layout

The image above is a screen grab from a post by Amanda Marcotte concerning an instance of a genre of attention-grabbing opinion column that attracts a coalition of the outraged and the misogynistic. Notice how the cited passage is made visually distinct by being enclosed in a box and given a yellowish background color. Here's how the same post looks in google reader:

Because of the placement of the peanut butter jar image to the left and the text to the right, the post as shown in google reader does not make clear where Marcotte's text ends and the cited text begins.

For best results, especially when citing text, align images to the center or the right.

Also, if you find yourself concluding that women lack sexual desire, reconsider. Look more closely and -- this part is important -- think beyond your own individual experiences, especially ones you happen to be upset, touchy, or angry about right now, as those can lead you to latch on to rash and faulty conclusions. Whatever the inquiry you're pursuing, the idea that women lack sexual desire is not the answer, nor is it part of the answer, because it isn't true.

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