Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Choose (D)

With only a handful of time zones still clinging to May 21 as of this writing, the world persists much as before, meaning that (a) that death-cult that spent all the money on billboards and other publicity predicting the world's ending either prayed away gawd's wrath for another brief respite; or (b) the world did end exactly as predicted, only it was a "spiritual" sort of world's end, the details of which will be expatiated in tedious detail to anyone who cares to listen over the coming weeks; or (c) the principals of the death cult will announce a series of revisions to their calculations that will delay the world's ending long enough for more fundraising; or -- I am just throwing this one out there -- (d) the entire thing was bullshit from the start.

I assume I speak for almost everyone when I say it has been a delightful world's ending, and I look forward to the next one.


Sheldon said...

"- (d) the entire thing was bullshit from the start."

(d)is for DUH!

But in fairness, wasn't the prediction that all the to be saved would be raptured and then yesterday was the beginning of the 5 month end? So lets not jump to conclusions, we may have to endure a 5 month end. :)
Party like its 1999!

Mandy said...

"...and I look forward to the next one."

As do Clear Channel and Lamar, who were probably raking it in from ad sales to these wackos.