Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"The Last Living Rose" as Singalong Anthem

If I understand English football ("soccer") fans and the habits of football fans in general -- and I am pretty sure I don't, but here goes -- I say PJ Harvey's "Last Living Rose" would make a perfect stadium anthem, especially in matches pitting an English team against a non-English team:

Granted, it might need to be pared down a little. Maybe.

I expect to appreciate and understand international football fans more and more as the Portland Timbers take a greater and greater share of this town's, and my own, interest in professional sports. Trailblazers? What Trailblazers?

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Brad Patterson said...

Let England Shake is a pretty darn good album. It's been in heavy rotation on the iPod in my truck while driving through the mountains lately... but I've always been sweet on Polly Jean.

I think this is my favorite track so far: The Words That Maketh Murder