Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let Her Drive

The "Arab Spring" lurches haltingly forward, but as as if to illustrate the two-steps-backward component of the lurch, authoritarian thugs in Saudi Arabia answer:

Saudi authorities have arrested an activist who launched a campaign to challenge a ban on women driving in the conservative kingdom and posted a video on the internet of her behind the wheel ... The YouTube video ... shows Manal Alsharif, who learned to drive in the US, driving her car in Khobar in the oil-producing Eastern Province ... "Police arrested her at 3am this morning," said Maha Taher, another activist who launched her own campaign for women driving ...
It's almost tempting to dismiss The Right to Drive as a minor, even trivial exercise of personal autonomy. Almost.

Whatever its excuses -- political, theological, whatever -- the Saudi regime demonstrates its illegitimacy by such thuggish restrictions.

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