Saturday, May 14, 2011

Making the Best of Visual Coincidences

This disturbing image, now widely circulating on social media sites, suggests either that the recent royal wedding was foretold by some Disney movie or other, or that the recent royal wedding was patterned after some Disney movie or other.*

Either way, it suggests, albeit indirectly, that Disney movies and royal weddings have achieved what they were ever going to achieve for humankind and should cease. By now they're just repeating things that were, from the start, not worth representing in the first place.

I propose that Disney begin the cessations by canceling the release of yet another execrable Pirates of the Caribbean film, slated for a 20 May 2011 release and thus still not too late to call off.

There is still time to rip down the posters, drop the remaining advertising and promotional campaigns, and destroy all copies of the film. It's not too late.

* It does not show the instances in which participants and high-profile guests of the recent royal wedding did not eerily resemble drawings in feature-length Disney cartoons. It remains true that royal weddings and Disney films have had their time but need to stop.


Serah B. said...


cdogzilla said...

The one with Cinderella's stepsisters is actually 'shopped (un-shopped here), dresses weren't those colors. I can't find the post now to give credit to whoever pointed it out. Skepticism is called for in all things internet.

Dale said...

cdogzilla, dammit. I was really counting on this building into momentum toward the elimination of Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Sheldon said...

Dale, have no fear, I am doing my part to put an end to Disney movies, by not seeing them.
Disney movies are so 1970s.
Monarchies are so 1600s, really, why do those people across the pond still carry on like that? And why do we have a media that acts like we should care? Didn't we have a revolution that said "fuck you monarchy"?