Monday, May 2, 2011

Points Scored

Hey internets, I was hoping to find some cheap political points-scoring over the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Is such a thing available?

Looky! Literally the first paragraph of the first item I found on The Corner has some of what I am after:

In ordering the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hiding spot, President Obama evinced a military-minded approach to the War on Terror, former attorney general Alberto Gonzales tells National Review Online. “He did not send the F.B.I. into Pakistan to retrieve Osama bin Laden as if he were a common criminal,” Gonzales observes. “He sent our military because this is a war. And Osama bin Laden is a military target; he’s a military leader.”
You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall, because this is war, declares dauntless warrior Alberto Gonzales, who, it seems, has bounced back from the catastrophic loss of memory that so bedeviled his latter years in the Bush-Cheney administration. Why is anyone, even The Corner, asking him for input? I can't recall.

I am neither fair nor balanced, but if I were, I might note how little scrolling I needed before locating points-scoring on the left-liberal Balloon Juice blog:
Multiple news outlets are reporting that the United States military killed that motherfucker—and on the anniversary of Bush’s famed “Missioned Accomplished” photo op.

Not a bad week for our Kenyan-in-Chief.
Zing! Or whatever.

What are the chances that Andrew Sullivan sees this development as another happy culmination of Obama's 11-dimensional long-game chess strategy? If you guessed anything less than 100%, it's time to recalibrate:
Obama killed Osama. A few tea-party fanatics will have their heads explode. And the Big Lie that Obama is somehow not a strong president is debunked - because strength doesn't actually mean being inflammatory on Fox News, it means exercizing patience, quiet and resolve to get what you want.
The squabbling and points-scoring is predictable, and even when truthful, skates by fecklessly. The essential and good thing is that Bin Laden is dead.


Sheldon said...

Regarding the first point from the Corner, we might not that this took place by a surgical strike aimed very narrowly at that particular compound, not air strikes on the whole frickin neighborhood or city like most actual military actions. Perhaps this is the method that should have been done in the past to root out Al Qaeda from Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Dale said...

Sheldon, true. This was not the result of any kind of classic military campaign, especially all the stuff leading up to the raid itself. It would not have happened without very patient and deliberate intelligence-gathering.