Monday, May 30, 2011

Sights West

I just spent the not-long-enough weekend near Gleneden Beach, Oregon, where sights like these are not just possible, but astonishingly common. You will therefore understand my reluctance to speak of having returned, or of the experience in the past tense, as doing so only serves to remind me of where I would still rather be. Sigh.

While there -- specifically while running on peninsula that forms the western side of Siletz Bay -- I didn't see an eagle. I saw two bald eagles sitting side by side on a log, one of whom was so untroubled by my presence that he/she allowed me to pass within 30 feet with no more dramatic a response than a bit of nonchalant feather pruning. It would have been nice to get a photograph of her/him, but it's probably best that the scene has to live in my mind.

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