Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clear as an Azure Sky of Peakest Summer

The person or machine who writes the informational metadata for my cable provider helpfully informs viewers that A Clockwork Orange is 
Stanley Kubrick's award-winning adaptation of the Anthony Burgess novel about a future society terrorized by teenagers.
Well, yes -- in fairness, that would be the takeaway if you were to stop watching after the first fifteen minutes or so, but for any human or algorithm who stuck with it for the ensuing two hours, it comes across as a trifle, well, spare.

Still, one cannot fault the description for lack of clarity or, it must be admitted, accuracy. In roughly the same dumbed-down spirit of lucidity, we could say Moby Dick is John Huston's celebrated adaptation of the Herman Melville novel about a boat with a driven captain, and that No Country for Old Men is the Cohen brothers' award-winning adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel about a border town in Texas beset with drug traffickers.


Eli said...

Yeah, I just re-watched that myself. It's just a masterful work, and I doubt it could be suitably summarized in one sentence that doesn't run on to a truly atrocious length. That said, they could at least, y'know, try.

Dale said...

Eli, I'm usually content to be amused with star ratings The Cable Overlords give to movies in these li'l descriptions -- I keep meaning to post about some of the wretchedness I've seen there -- but in this instance the description deserved special attention.

Eli said...

I'd read that post.