Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good News Saturday

Good things happen:

  • New York has legalized same-sex marriage. It gets better, jurisdiction by jurisdiction. The smart money says this will be challenged in the courts, whereupon the world will be entertained and edified with the spectacle of legal arguments meant to demonstrate the harm caused by gay marriage. A weary population of dead-enders await these arguments in earnest; the other several billion of us look forward to moving the fuck on, having long since lost interest in the imaginary projections of bigots.
  • Neko Case has collaborated with Nick Cave on a cover of "She's Not There." I gather this has something to do with the new season of the HBO vampire drama I've followed consistently for some reason, True Blood, which begins tomorrow.
  • I embarked on my first "real" post-Vancouver Marathon run today, and while I could have, did not pee in the reservoirs of Mt. Tabor. Nor did I see anyone else peeing in the reservoirs.

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