Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Most Dangerous Flag Day of Them All: Man

Today is Flag Day in the USA for some reason. Did you know the Isle of Man has its own adorable flag and, presumably, its own Flag Day (for some reason)? All annotations are mine in this careful exposition of the Manx flag:
The national flag of the Isle of Man is red in color. [Damn right it is! Gaze upon it and try to deny its redness. You. Will. Fail.] The Isle of Man flag holds a triskelion or the Three Legs of Man symbol, in the centre of the flag. [Those aren't quite the three legs I picture when someone speaks of the third leg of a man, but I should not sully the honorable traditions of Flag Day, here or on the Isle of Man, with my gutter-minded diversions.] The three legs are joined at the thigh and bent at the knee. [Damn straight! That was a poor choice of words. Most everything here could be classed as a poor choice of words.] In order to have the toes pointing clockwise on both sides of the flag, a two-sided symbol is used in the national flag of the Isle of Man. [Dear gawd they put a lot of effort into their hideous flag, those Manx.] Three Legs of Man symbol symbolizes the Sun, the seat of Power and Life. [Good. A symbol should symbolize. Do people say "Manx" to refer to citizens of the Isle of Man? I do.]
I jape with the Isle of Man because I have no idea why it has bothered to have its own national flag, and also because I used to have a Manx cat as a pet, so I have a deep personal connection that affords me considerable leeway not available to most people. Most people who said such things about the Isle of Man and its red tripod-in-spurs flag would be complete assholes.

Hank, the Manx cat I had as a pet, was torn to pieces by dogs. True story.

Happy flag day!

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Timothy Rayner said...

The Isle of Man has the oldest seat of government in these Isles which is one reason it should have its own flag. Another is that it is not, as people assume, part of Britain. Although within the British Isles it is not in fact part of Britain but is part of the Commonwealth. I feel there should be a third reason to go with the whole threeness of the Manx flag so I shall go with this: When the UK government referred to the Isle of Man as a 'tax haven' insinuating that it was being used to circumvent UK law a member of the Manx government responded with a statement where he said "We do not dodge UK tax law we are simply a different country with different laws - for example we don't like to tax our dead" (the UK government has an 'inheritance tax'). For having the boldness to make such a statement they DEFINITELY deserve their own flag (heck - speaking as a UK resident, as the Queen also holds the title of 'Lord of Man' I don't see why we shouldn't accept them into the union and give them power over it - they seem to be a lot more sensible with their laws than Westminster is)