Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Deficit Nihilism

Reproduced by Ezra Klein, this chart is a good-enough illustration of the fraud into which US domestic politics has plunged over the last few weeks: screaming Deficit Panic after several straight years of amassing deficits with little to no concern (to wit: 130 currently-serving GOP Congressmen have voted to raise the debt ceiling at least once in recent years), let alone panic, let alone the sort of nihilistic histrionics that would shame a mugger.

Suddenly, these last few weeks, even as the economy continues to crawl to a grinding stop, cutting deficits and debt must be consuming priority of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, no matter what, even if -- no, make that especially if -- it means worsening the economic crisis, and true to form, the coward in chief is validating the scripts of the deficit nihilists by repeating them rather than declaring them the despicable, destructive frauds they are.

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