Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mt. Tabor Doggie Challenge 2011 - Dogs and Masters

Earlier today I completed the Mt. Tabor Doggie Challenge 8k in a time of 35:42 (7:11 min/mi pace), fast enough to earn the handsome trophy and cat (cat not included) shown here for first place among men's "Masters." I don't know how I feel about being in the "Masters" category of anything, but I do know that my opinion doesn't affect my inclusion in the category. Being over 40 does it.

Being over 40 is better than the available alternatives, and especially so when it comes along with the opportunity to run a well-organized event on the challenging hills of Portland's Mt. Tabor park. Compared with previous years, I was pleased to see how many people not only participated but seized on the "doggie" in the event's name and accompanied their dogs on the run. It was quite a thing to see -- hundreds of dogs gathered together on a sunny day in the park without anything worse than a stray bark or two.

I thank Terrapin Events, the sponsors, the volunteers, and all the participants, dogs and people alike, for making today's race such a success.

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