Friday, July 8, 2011

Of Energy Drains (Part I)

Having experienced Google Plus for upwards of a day (via a kind invitation from SJKP), I am prepared to pronounce a meh upon it.

It's not that Google Plus won't revolutionize the way we can plausibly claim to pay passing attention to the comings, goings, ups, downs, travails, victories, doings, and strivings of our friends and "friends," -- for surely I would be a so-last-year, hidebound, utterly dismissible retrograde crank to say otherwise -- it's just that the experience of joining a new social network has exposed how exhausting it is to participate in a web-based social network (don't even get me started on the life-force-draining effects of a flesh-based social network).

Joining a new social network means I have to wait for all my friends and "friends" to show up in this new place, invite them to my circles or whatever (and thereafter attend to the inevitable "will they or won't they accept?" dramas that ensue), establish my security settings, upload my pictures (but surely not those pictures), alter my security settings, enumerate all my interests, affiliations, and loyalties so as to be fed the proper set of advertisements, re-work my security settings once more, touch up my profile so that I present a slightly interesting version of myself -- a tiresome feat in itself -- make some additional tweaks to my security settings, link the Google Plus account to all the proper feeds to and from Twitter and Facebook and whatever else, enable these but not those applications, applets, gadgets, add-ins, widgets ad infinitum, and embark on a final and never-ending course of refinements to my goddamn security settings.

As I said, it's exhausting, and while I have mostly warm feelings about google, and at best lukewarm feelings about Facebook, I will need to see something truly compelling before I go to the effort of abandoning the latter and moving to the former. A one-click "upload everything from Facebook to Google Plus and then delete Facebook account" utility would be a good start, assuming it didn't steal my identity in the process. It probably would steal my identity, or threaten to, whereupon I would need to update all my security settings again. Exhausting.


Paul Sunstone said...

I've been getting invites from folks I know. The temptation is great to join, but I seldom log onto Facebook -- I wonder if I would do any better on Google.

Sheldon said...

There are some things that piss me off about Facebook, like the fact that they have deleted the visibility of my civic-political-media likes, and other such things.

But I agree, its a royal pain in the ass to try to switch over. But by the way, please send me an invite? Thanks.

Dale said...

Sheldon, I'll be glad to send you an invite to google+, but I need an e-mail address to do it. Send me an e-mail using my super-secret e-mail address -- dances with anxiety [at] gmail [dot] com. Smush all that together and use the symbols.