Friday, July 29, 2011

Ruminations Upon the Successes and Failures of "Branding" Campaigns

Of the items pasted across this info-graphic posted by Maddow, concerning the important topic of which brands strike which voting demographics as favorable, I am slightly surprised by only this: that FOX should be separated from its self-styled "News Channel" wing for purposes of brand evaluation. I gather the FOX empire separates its propaganda organ from its tee-vee programming for the sake of faking financial numbers, diffusing accountability, and other routine corporate functions, but in terms of marketing, advertising, public relations, and other aspects of "branding," it's hard to say what vaults them so high above, say, UPS, Subway, and FedEx but below Lowe's and Ford in the esteem of Republicans. Is it Family Guy? House? The Simpsons? One or more of those idiotic singing / dancing / cooking / hording / dating / breaking-up / football-to-the-groin / child-rearing / dangerous fishing / cops v. hillbillies / hidden camera pedophile sting / animal attack / animal rescue / animal killing / doughy-hayseeds-in-peril / pawn store employees "reality" shows that FOX still, I assume, broadcasts in the same horrifying quantities as all the other channels?

I ask this fascinating question because my understanding of the right-wing dogma is that FOX's programming participates in the "Hollyweird" phenomenon that makes baby Jesus cry at the liberal domination of media, and as such should push it completely off the Republican list. Judging from this info-graphic, it would seem they enjoy its offerings despite all the caterwauling about the terrible, terrible culture, which suggests this caterwauling is akin to the fact that most of the porn gets viewed in red states, where porn is widely disparaged and condemned as a source of baby Jesus tears.

Also: Olive Garden. I assume that's a punchline all by itself.

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