Saturday, July 2, 2011

Standing Athwart God's Short Bus

ThinkProgress has helpfully cataloged National Review's fete of caterwauling over the achievement of marriage equality in New York, one entry of which is this piece of sober analysis from Maggie Gallagher:

Gay people are children of God and each one matters. But they are also about 2 percent of the population, while a new Gallup poll shows Americans on average think they are 25 percent of the population.

That's cultural power.
Note the juxtaposition of "children of god" with "only 2 percent of the population" and "cultural power:" sure, yes, Gallagher is willing to allow that the gays are among god's kids, but they are clearly the duds, the defectives, the ones that god sends out on sleep-overs when he's having respectable company over for dinner, the ones that (in His almighty heart of hearts) he wishes he had never special-created, and all the more when they not only embrace their hideous infirmities but convince the other kids to abide them.

To summarize Gallagher without her empty euphemisms: gay people are the "children of god" that proper people join her favorite god in not-so-secretly reviling. Happily, more and more Americans are coming around to the view that gay people are people, whatever Maggie Gallagher, her god, or or her magazine says; and better yet, the laws of the land are increasingly treating them as such.

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Anonymous said...

My boss allows for a 5% margin of error in our business. If God's working at a 2% level, he's doing really well. Umm, he would be doing really for a human being. For a perfect being, maybe the 2% error rate is a statistic he'd prefer us to ignore.