Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Totalitarianism Refined

Starting at ~4:30 in this video, Father Jacobse asserts -- I'm being careful to quote him exactly here -- "I'm not saying all atheists are totalitarians; I'm saying totalitarianism is by necessity atheistic."

Here goes:

So there you have it -- the Taliban was not totalitarian. The Islamist movements that issue death warrants over works of art, institute intricate rules for interpersonal conduct, and seek to install a worldwide Caliphate are likewise something other than totalitarian in nature. At the height of its powers, even when it was executing people for expressing the wrong opinions and sending armies to seize "the Holy Lands," the Catholic church was something other than totalitarian in its aspirations, practices, and effects.

Totalitarian is, you see, something atheists do -- you know, atheists such as the Nazis. So Father Jacobse assures us, and who would dare gainsay the good word of a member of the Catholic clergy?

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