Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dispatch from Narcolepsyville

I suppose it should count as an excuse for light blog posting that I have been, of late, very tired -- constantly so, annoyingly so. I am sleepy right now. You might be surprised to know that walking around in a state of it-sure-would-be-nice-to-take-a-nap-right-now is not conducive to the brand of florid, cogent, utterly compelling writing that this precious, precious blog has always, for purposes of this sentence of this blog post, existed to showcase, but if you were so surprised, I would be surprised. I expect more of both of you, dear readers.

Moreover, yesterday I took an online life stress assessment thingy and found that I am enduring a life of HIGH STRESS. I am skeptical, as I would think people living in soiled tents eating 800 calories of thin gruel every other day in Haiti or suffering the latest famine in east Africa would be enduring lives of HIGH STRESS, whereas I am just wandering along the gray border of depression and narcolepsy amid relative plenty without any real reason to complain, but as this online stress test thingy was endorsed by my health insurer, its findings cannot be doubted under penalty of a blanket, preemptive denial of all present and future medical care. That being so, I accept and embrace the fact of my HIGH STRESS life.

Putting it another way -- a better way -- it's all something like "A Comet Appears" by The Shins:


Megan said...

I maxed out the meter and its advice was "exercise or seek therapy."


Dale said...

Megan, I got the same advice. Neat! I am presently cycling ~100 mi / week and running ~40 mi / week, so I think I have that covered. I've tried counseling and it just sucks time.

So here we are.