Friday, August 26, 2011

Hood to Coast 2011 -- Train, Pack, Fret, Run

I write this moments before embarking on the running phase of the Hood to Coast, which marks the end of the training, overpacking, and last-minute fretting phases of the event. As always, I have no reason to expect to perform adequately in the event, let alone thrive in it, but also as always, I shall do my best to endure whatever hardships (physical, interpersonal, olfactory, etc.) it presents and emerge with something to brag about.

I plan to send regular-ish dispatches along the way using the text message-blogger-twitter machine. These dispatches will be brief, of dubious coherence and meager interest, but they will be here unless and until my mood swings disfavor sending them.

If you're out there with me, run well and stay safe. If you're not the sort of fool who does this kind of thing to yourself, enjoy your weekend.

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