Friday, August 5, 2011

A Lifetime Late and a Trillion Dollar Bill Short

I don't have a weekly comic thing like Eli has, but it occurs to me it's been a while since I posted anything from Married to the Sea, the web's leading comic that features vintage newspaper visuals mashed up with modern captions. The results produce a more coherent picture of the world than the world itself tends to present. To wit:

  • Senator Joe Lieberman, a figure who almost sounds genuine in the squeaks and sighs of regret with which he announces having taken, yet again, the shamefully right wing view --- this time of the relative priority of waging endless war and providing for the the sick and the old:
    So, bottom line, we can’t protect these entitlements and also have the national defense we need to protect us in a dangerous world while we’re at war with Islamist extremists who attacked us on 9/11 and will be for a long time to come.
    As Phila has explained, Every balanced meal for grandma is a freshly loaded clip in the AK-47 of Al Qaida.
  • Rest easy, for Matt Yglesias can explain the likes of Joe Lieberman, even if in doing so he overlooks a few decades worth of extremely well-funded disparagement of the words "liberal" and "left." Advertising, public relations, marketing, messaging, and related forms of fungible opinion-shaping have no effect, and thus need not be mentioned in connection with how American voters self-identify, let alone in which cars and corn chips they prefer.
Had we world enough and time, perhaps we could sort all this out.

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