Monday, August 1, 2011

Not Everything Is Terrible

This brief video, featuring the narration of Mr. T and a 1980s pop soundtrack, is not from Everything Is Terrible, but from the Portland Mercury.

By contrast, the video below is from Everything Is Terrible, and more closely resembles the sound and imagery of the 1980s as I experienced them in Oklahoma, far away from the trend-setting coastal haunts where Mr. T recorded his trend-defining voice-overs.

That lazy meandering country bass line that might be a radio or might be the after-effects of ear damage; the casual references to "tar babies;" the dropped G's; the brusque, no-nonsense question, "WELL TELL ME HOW YOU GOT YOUR NAME, CAT-FISH" posed by a man in an irony-free trucker cap --- all of these are as familiar to me as my own face in the mirror, and just as distressing.

I observe the following from genuine charity in the recognition of life's dismal tide and the grim awareness that, sooner or later, death will claim us all: should those reading this enter what they expect to be their last living moments, let the memory of these videos inform and attenuate the sense of grief and loss. Let Mr. T and the thing with the hicks count among the vignettes counting in oblivion's favor. Life is sweet, but life also has shit like this.

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